Hey, I’m Jet.

From a young age, I’ve always liked making things. As a child, I played with Lego, whilst in my early teens I made levels for video games. My passion for making things hasn’t changed - I make Software now!

I like to dream big.

I yearn to create tools and applications to help people live their lives or to help them make decisions that are right for them. To me, if I am not creating something that is useful or helpful for someone, what is the point of making it?

I’m a big believer in Sci-Fi. So many wonders of historic Sci-Fi are realities of today. I love the themes of Cyberpunk and megacities. Sci-Fi inspires me.

I believe that technology can free us from the manacles of the humdrum of the minutiae of life. I believe we can all live extraordinarily.


I resolved to start eating more healthily and exercising. I developed the Chronograf and Deep Thought for Frequency Central. I finished my second year of university to a first-class standard. I dedicated my summer to learning Web Dev, and built this website.


I participated in Global Game Jam 2015, BrumHack 2.0, and Startup Weekend Southampton. I finished my first year of university to a first-class standard. I worked as an intern at the university developing Puppet Modules during the summer. I developed the Polygraf. I worked with HackaSoton to run a Hackathon, and to help a group learn to code.


I taught myself Assembly so that I could develop the Bartos Flur. I completed my A Levels, achieving A*A*A, securing my place at Southampton University. I moved to Southampton to study, and participated in the HackaSoton Global Hackathon.


I chose to socialise more. I solved tasks on Project Euler using Python. I explored who I wanted to be and want I wanted to do. I applied to study Computer Science.


I helped raise money for Mary Ann Evans Hospice. I graduated from Hartshill School and had first experience of programming - I wrote a simple CLI tool in Python to fix broken .vmf files caused by a bug in Valve Software’s map editor, Hammer.


I participated in the Artpass Content.


Feb 04

I was born!