CoderStory, a website dedicated to celebrating the stories of digital creators, recently interviewed me about how I got started with programming & synthesisers, how I learn new skills, and what my process for building projects looks like.

Starting in his garden shed, Jet’s imagination would take him from creating swords and crossbows and transform him into the programming traveller that he is today, out seeing the world and using his love for coding to share his travels with everyone. Embracing every opportunity to not just learn, but learn from his failures; Jet provides a thorough insight into what it means to be an enthusiastic coder in an ever changing community and how he intends to keep going no matter where in the world he is.
CoderStory’s description of the interview

You might remember that I recreated my first HTML Project as a supplement for the interview. Now you’ll be able to see why!

Read the interview here.

P.S. I'm late to the party, but I recently got a twitter account that you can follow here.

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