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Hiking New Year

Myself and my friends celebrate New Years Eve in Chiang Mai, hike up the nearby mountain on New Years Day, and do a ball-busting workout the day after.

Automatic Responsive Images on Jekyll without Plugins

A tutorial on how to automatically generate responsive images for Jekyll, without using plugins.

A Testament To Frugality, Stubbornness, and Perseverance

Goodnight, Sweet Prince.

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A Tradition Broken

A reflection of spending Christmas abroad for the first time.

Chilling In Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is the quintessential destination for Digital Nomads. But is it really all it was made out to be?

The Loi Krathong Festival

Nobody quite celebrates like the Thai do during this festival in Chiang Mai.

Exploring Bangkok

I explored Bangkok for two days. Why did I hate this city?

From Croatia To Asia

Because a long-haul flight doesn't have to be boring.

RobCo Revisited

In anticipation of Fallout 76, I reworked the issues with my take on the Hacking Minigame. Was it worth the effort?

Meeting Matej

What is it like to meet an online friend in person for the first time?