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May '19

I Hate Reading Big Text

A reflection on an old project and some of the side-effects it had.

Feb '19

Recreating My First HTML Project

My first attempt at HTML was a fairly-cool but terribly coded 'terminal simulator' web page. What can I do now, five years later?

Feb '19

Mapping My Movements

I create an interactive 3D visualisation of my travels around our world.

Nov '18

RobCo Revisited

In anticipation of Fallout 76, I reworked the issues with my take on the Hacking Minigame. Was it worth the effort?

Oct '18


How I developed Seismograf, a drum sound module.

Oct '18

Chronograf: It's About Time

The story of how I substantially reworked the Chronograf.

Mar '18

StreASM Retrospective

A look back at the 'stream processing language for the criminally insane'.

Jul '16

Blog Hacking

On how a throwaway idea can lead to something beautiful.

Apr '16

Deep Thought

A look at how to get the most out of a simple concept.

Apr '16


The story of the timer-based Chronograf module.

Dec '15


The story of the development of Polygraf, which went through many iterations and required several new skills.

Mar '15

Bartos Flur

A look at the trials and tribulations of learning assembly, and the process of the development of my first Synthesiser Module, the Bartos Flur - from concept to release.