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Extract Wav File Data for Code

A python script to process WAV files; removing silence, changing resolution, and outputting specific numbers of samples.


A look at a pitch/gate sequencer that we designed based on Polygraf.


In which we revisit a 5 year old PIC project and develop it to be far more interesting than we had ever imagined.

Little Melody

The development process of an addictive melodic pattern generator.

New Frequency Central Website

The Frequency Central website has been in sore need of an update... This is that.

Logic Bomb

A revival of an older version of a project.

Seismograf Bug

In which I debug and fix a tricky bug with Seismograf

I Hate Reading Big Text

A reflection on an old project and some of the side-effects it had.

Recreating My First HTML Project

My first attempt at HTML was a fairly-cool but terribly coded 'terminal simulator' web page. What can I do now, five years later?

Mapping My Movements

I create an interactive 3D visualisation of my travels around our world.

RobCo Revisited

In anticipation of Fallout 76, I reworked the issues with my take on the Hacking Minigame. Was it worth the effort?


How I developed Seismograf, a drum sound module.

Chronograf: It's About Time

The story of how I substantially reworked the Chronograf.

StreASM Retrospective

A look back at the 'stream processing language for the criminally insane'.

Blog Hacking

On how a throwaway idea can lead to something beautiful.

Deep Thought

A look at how to get the most out of a simple concept.


The story of the timer-based Chronograf module.


The story of the development of Polygraf, which went through many iterations and required several new skills.

Bartos Flur

A look at the trials and tribulations of learning assembly, and the process of the development of my first Synthesiser Module, the Bartos Flur - from concept to release.