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Bulk crop images

A quick guide to bulk cropping images to the same dimensions.

Adding equations to your webpage

A quick guide to setting up MathJax on your webpage.

Jekyll Tags and Categories

A tutorial for how to add tags and categories metadata to your Jekyll posts.

Jekyll Author Pages

A tutorial for how to add author metadata to your Jekyll posts.

Extract Wav File Data for Code

A python script to process WAV files; removing silence, changing resolution, and outputting specific numbers of samples.

Woocommerce Discontinued Products

...and other custom stock statuses.

Store More Than The Maximum Fingerprints In Your Samsung Phone

A cheeky workaround to Samsung's maximum fingerprint scans limit.

How to create a page that always shows your most recent post on Jekyll

A tutorial on how to create a permanent URL that points to whatever post was published most recently

Automatic Responsive Images on Jekyll without Plugins

A tutorial on how to automatically generate responsive images for Jekyll, without using plugins.

Automatic Image Optimisation on Jekyll without Plugins

Optimise images on Jekyll using git hooks and clever scripts, not plugins. AKA: Continuing the pursuit of 100/100 in Google PageSpeed Insights.

The Pursuit of Speed

A look at how I increased the speed of my Jekyll site. OR: How I almost wrote a CSS Minifier.

Caption Contest

A brief guide to adding image captions to Jekyll blog posts.

Meeting Dr. Jekyll

A look at how I made the most of Jekyll in building my website.