Frequency Central is launching a new Eurorack audio mixer called Strips.

With a mixer, there are as many possible permutations of features as there are people on the planet. Everyone has their own set of requirements. What one person sees as a boon could be seen as a detriment by others.

If you include large jacks to allow connecting to external devices, some people will really love that feature. Others will see it as a large portion of wasted space.

Someone else might be disappointed that one of the features is mono only, not stereo. Adding the option for both could have meant cutting a feature elsewhere.

If you were to add every feature that anyone could ask for, the thing would be as wide as your desk, and nobody would buy it because it’s too big, has usability issues, and they probably only want to use a small fraction of it.

We can’t do everything for everybody. We have to make a compromise, pick what features to support, and go from there.

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