My organisation system has been really lacking recently.

I used to have a little black book that I wrote notes into; it was neatly organised and I roughly knew where everything was. I even kept a contents page up to date in the back few pages!

But then I lost that book. Since, I’ve been scrawling notes on a spiral notebook. The problem is, I’m pretty lax about this book, and things get scrawled on random pages in the middle of the book and get lost.

So no more!

My New Trello Todo List My New Trello Todo List

I’ve converted my list of notes into a set of Trello lists. I’ve made this page my homepage and my new tab page, too. I had this system a few years years ago but I eventually stopped using it for no reason, so now I’m starting again.

I feel like I might get on better with something like Momentum (a new tab replacement extension), but you have to pay to have repeating tasks in your TODO or to sync from Trello, so it’s honestly not worth it given that I’m very broke at the moment.

I’ve always liked the Eisenhower Method, so I based my Trello board on that. Guilherme uses labels for this, but I think I’d prefer to group by it directly.

Then I created another list just for the current week. I can drag completed tasks there and then move the list to a different board at the end of every week. Pieter wrote about how he did this a lot, and it always seemed like a good idea to me.

I have a few more lists to the right of the pending to-dos - you can’t see all of those in my pictures. In those lists I’m putting ideas. Ideas for articles, projects, etc. There’s another list where I’m going to be pasting links to articles that seemed interesting but that I didn’t get around to reading yet.

Finally, I have a single card set up with a card repeater, that just puts a new “Daily Task” card every day. This card has a list of things I should do every day for myself to check off - from self care things like eating breakfast or sleeping at a consistent time, to writing, to working out.

It took an hour or two to set up, but hopefully it will help me to stay focussed on the things that are important! (As well as stop me forgetting about important things, too!)

P.S. I'm late to the party, but I recently got a twitter account that you can follow here.