As you may or may not know, about a year ago I created a webpage that looks like a UNIX terminal.

At the time, I said that I was doing it for an interview I was doing, but that was really just an excuse to myself to justify doing it. I wrote about the original creation process here.

Recently, I saw the whimsical web club by Max Böck. (I just found him a few weeks ago, and I’ve quickly become a huge fan of his work.)

I wanted to submit my Terminal page to the site, but when I checked if everything was still working, I was dismayed about it’s lack of features.

There was no autocomplete (worse, it actually caused me to accidentally navigate away from the page because an >a> tag gained focus!). And there was not command repeating (with the up and down arrow keys).

There wasn’t even a help file to tell me what it was or what commands are supported!

So last night I decided to fix all of those things.

I went into more detail about the implementation aspect on Twitter here, or you can skip all that and try out the terminal here.

I still don’t think I’d say that the terminal is finished. I guess with some ‘art’ like this, it may never truly be finished. But I’d like to add more easter eggs and secrets and interesting things and commands too.

P.S. I'm late to the party, but I recently got a twitter account that you can follow here.