One of my favourite proverbs is “This too shall pass”.

It’s essentially highlighting that change is inevitable.

But that doesn’t really cover what I like about it. From a human centric perspective, we can read it like this:

If you’re going through a hard time, don’t worry. It will end. But if you’re going through a good time, be prepared, because it will end eventually.

When I think about this, I realise that if you truly accepted it and lived by it, you could achieve great things.

Feel terrible on a run, or whilst lifting weights? No worries. It’ll end. Keep pushing.

Doing great, making lots of money? That’ll end, so make sure you’re preparing for the future.

I often think about this - and a few logical extensions - when I’m finding something tough. I might be experiencing pain or displeasure now, but by tomorrow/next week/next month, I won’t be feeling it, and can look upon it fondly. My current feelings don’t matter, so why not ‘rip off the bandaid’ and experience all the pain at once rather than drawing it out? The pain will pass, so why not embrace it?

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