Danke is a café located in Tabanan, Bali. I only went there on dates with Ni, my Balinese girlfriend, but I think it would be the perfect location for a digital nomad to work from.

Danke Cafe, Tabanan

Danke claims to have 100Mbps Wi-Fi speed, and there are multiple charging ports in reach of the tables by the walls (most of them).

Plugs at Danke Cafe, Tabanan

Wi-Fi claim at Danke Cafe, Tabanan

I frequently see bule (foreigners) eating in Danke, so it’s not exactly an overlooked place, but I only see Balinese working from here with Laptops. So I think it has been overlooked by the digital nomad community. Ni tells me that more and more bule are in Tabanan these days, so I suspect that Danke café will become a hot spot.

More tables with plugs in Danke Cafe, Tabanan

The food is cheap and delicious. Ni and I order enough food to satiste ourselves - several glasses of juice, food, dessert - and generally pay 100,000IDR (£5.50, €6.33, $7.10) or less for the two of us. They have vegan and vegetarian options.

The staff area at Danke Cafe, Tabanan

They also have free snacks - Indonesian crackers, and crisps made from Cassava.

Free snacks at Danke Cafe, Tabanan

And board games too! Uno, Uno Jenga (I have no idea how the Uno part of this is meant to work), Angry-Birds themed Monopoly, and a chess board.

Board games at Danke Cafe, Tabanan

The only thing I don’t like about Danke café is that smoking is allowed there. I find smoking to be a disgusting habit, and I feel sick whenever I am in the vicinity of it. I have a really bad reaction to it and generally feel the need to extricate myself from the situation.

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