Something crazy happened today.

I was walking home, minding my own business, watching the beautiful colours in the sky. They were striking and vivid.

I took a picture, thought little of it, and shared it on Facebook when I got home.

The photograph I took. The photograph I took.

My sister replied shortly after with her own picture, which I appreciated and commented on how the composition was near identical.

The photograph my sister took. The photograph my sister took.

It was only afterwards that I thought about how unusual it was that we took nearly-identical pictures at the same time frame as each other.

It turns out that I took my photograph at 19:49, and she took hers at 19:54.

If you examine them closely, you can notice the same clouds in both images. I think that it’s crazy that this happened, and I can’t help wondering if other pictures were taken at the same time.


Crazier still, she sent me a second photo that she took, which has even more similarities.

Her second photo. Her second photo.

Even the position of the lamp post is the same!

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