Sometime last year, Tayda changed their e-shop and many of their existing URLs stopped working. I won’t make any comment on that, suffice to say that links breaking was specifically one of the things I tried hard to avoid when building the new frequency central website.

Frequency Central links to Tayda in their build documents to specify what components a customer should buy. It’s a problem for us if those links break, because customers won’t know what to buy and might buy and incorrect component.

Fortunately, most links remained working, and only a few were broken. I set about trying to find the broken links.

I found pdf-link-checker, which can be installed with pip install pdf-link-checker. This checks a single PDF file and makes a HTTP request to all of the links in the file. Perfect!

Then we just write a very simple bash script to process all of our pdf files.

for f in *.pdf; do
    echo "Processing $f file..";
    python2 /usr/bin/pdf-link-checker $f

…which we can run to find all of the dead links.

Processing Raging-Bull-Build-Doc.pdf file..
Processing Routemaster-Build-Document.pdf file..
ERROR: URL failed. Reason: HTTP Error 404: Not Found
Processing Seismograf-Build-Doc.pdf file..
Processing Stasis-Leak-Build-Doc.pdf file..

Thus automating the detection part of the process, making it much simpler to correct all of the hyperlinks.

(I used masterpdfeditor4 to edit the PDF links.)

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