It took many years to develop Polygraf, a sequencer. This wasn’t full time work, obviously, but various few-week-long iteration sprints scattered across various summers and winters. It’s something that evolved over time. For the longest of times, it was the product that I was proudest of.

Seismograf, a drum module, took only a few weeks/months. Admittedly, it was derived from existing work on Chronograf, but the end result is mostly original code. I thought it was neat because of what I consider to be impressive technical feats, but I didn’t pour my soul into it as I had with Polygraf.

Seismograf is in much higher demand. Possibly because the sequencer market is saturated or because Polygraf is a little quirky, or possibly because a cheap, compact, yet versatile drum module is desirable.

What doesn’t matter is that I invested many hours, and my heart and soul, into Polygraf.

The only thing that matters is what the product does for the customer.

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