As an addendum to yesterday’s post, there’s one other problem I have with publishing something every day:

It’s much harder to go into depth on a topic.

Ordinarily, if I had something that I wanted to go into depth on, I’d spend a few days writing it.

But if I’m trying to publish every day, I can’t really justify doing that, because I won’t have anything to publish on the days when I’m writing it. Readers will just see this as me ‘not writing’, not knowing that I’m working on something that will take longer to create.

This either incentivises me to just focus on shallow topics, rather than doing an in-depth deep dive, or makes the (more valuable?) deep dive take longer to publish, because I’m distracted from it whilst I find something to publish for that day.

Obviously, this is ‘all in my mind’, because nobody is actually holding me over a fire. It’s just a conundrum that I’m facing with my writing.

P.S. I'm late to the party, but I recently got a twitter account that you can follow here.