Logic Bomb

A revival of an older version of a project.

Seismograf Bug

In which I debug and fix a tricky bug with Seismograf

Woocommerce Discontinued Products

...and other custom stock statuses.

Once More Unto Bangkok

My first visit to Bangkok was a very mixed bag. I was anxious to give it another go.

A Comparison Of Text Resizing Libraries

An honest appraisal of different text resizing libraries, including jquery-textfill, jquery-bigtext, fancy-textfill, and fitText.

Store More Than The Maximum Fingerprints In Your Samsung Phone

A cheeky workaround to Samsung's maximum fingerprint scans limit.

Kuala Lumpur: Kinda Lousy?

I didn't particularly enjoy my stay in Kuala Lumpur the first time around. So why did I go back there, and what do I think now?

I Hate Reading Big Text

A reflection on an old project and some of the side-effects it had.

How to create a page that always shows your most recent post on Jekyll

A tutorial on how to create a permanent URL that points to whatever post was published most recently

Thank You, Danke

Danke Cafe, a potential spot for Digital Nomads in Tabanan.