RobCo Revisited

In anticipation of Fallout 76, I reworked the issues with my take on the Hacking Minigame. Was it worth the effort?

Meeting Matej

What is it like to meet an online friend in person for the first time?

My Backpack Is My Home

Everything I packed to travel the world with.

Zdravo Zagreb!

Zagreb is a fairly unassuming city. What secrets would it hold for a newbie traveller?

The Adventure Begins

I fly to Zagreb to begin a new lifestyle.


How I developed Seismograf, a drum sound module.

Chronograf: It's About Time

The story of how I substantially reworked the Chronograf.

Graduation: The Best Of Both Worlds

A rant about the failures of the university institution, and a celebration of avoiding the worst parts of the graduation ceremony.

All of School

What is it like to receive your degree result?

License over HTTP

A look at the problems of licenses online, with a proposed solution.