Zdravo Zagreb!

Zagreb is a fairly unassuming city. What secrets would it hold for a newbie traveller?

The Adventure Begins

I fly to Zagreb to begin a new lifestyle.


How I developed Seismograf, a drum sound module.

Chronograf: It's About Time

The story of how I substantially reworked the Chronograf.

Graduation: The Best Of Both Worlds

A rant about the failures of the university institution, and a celebration of avoiding the worst parts of the graduation ceremony.

All of School

What is it like to receive your degree result?

License over HTTP

A look at the problems of licenses online, with a proposed solution.

Let It Happen

The song that gives me wanderlust, the desire to make, and potent optimism about the future.

StreASM Retrospective

A look back at the 'stream processing language for the criminally insane'.


AKA: Don't let corporations brand you.