Finding Meaning

An attempt to identify the important things in the modern era.

Automatic Image Optimisation on Jekyll without Plugins

Optimise images on Jekyll using git hooks and clever scripts, not plugins. AKA: Continuing the pursuit of 100/100 in Google PageSpeed Insights.

Other Wanderers Will Follow

A look at two inspiring but constrasting sci-fi videos.

The Race for Space

A Space Race themed album leads to learning more about humanity's past.

Towards What?

Writing about a post-depression existential crisis.

The Grip Of Depression

My experiences with depression over the last year.

Changed Times

A look at alternative lifestyles in the digital age.

Connected Minds

My sister and I take almost the same photo, minutes apart.

Designed and Refined

Why I redesigned my homepage to better achieve its purpose.

The Pursuit of Speed

A look at how I increased the speed of my Jekyll site. OR: How I almost wrote a CSS Minifier.