I write code and travel through time.*

* legal: Jet exclusively travels forward through time at a rate of one second per second, relative to an observer travelling at the same velocity as him.

I like video games, running, and putting absurdly large images on my website.

I'm terrible at learning languages (but try anyway), dabble in editing photos and creating SVG, and was once a model for a day.

If I could do anything, it would be exploring the solar system. In lieu of that, exploring Earth will do.

Synthesiser Modules

collaboration with Frequency Central

I sometimes program and co-design synthesiser modules with Frequency Central.

I use PIC microcontrollers and write with assembly code, which I'm told makes me a troglodyte.

This is a PIC microcontroller

That is assembly code

Fallout Terminal

This is my love letter to the Fallout video game series.

It originally started as just a simple implementation of the hacking minigame as subject to experiment my newly-learned web development skill on.

Over the years it has grown to become a deep and faithful recreation of the computation experience from that post-apocalyptic world.

It's the thing that brings the most people to my website, and I'm very proud of it.

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I graduated from the University of Southampton in 2018, achieving First Class Honours in their MEng Computer Science programme.

Four years is a long time, so naturally there were ups and downs in there, but overall it was a good experience for me.

My favourite thing was taking part in Hackathons and writing goofy code with my friends.

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Graduation day! I didn't want to attend the ceremony so didn't get to wear a gown like my friends.

Jet graduating from University with three of his friends. Notably, Jet is not wearing a graduate gown.
Jet graduating from University with three of his friends. Notably, Jet is not wearing a graduate gown.

Here I am competing in a Hackathon with my friends.


After graduating University, the first thing I did was boldly take my first steps into exploring the world!

Actually, that's a total lie. I actually spent three months working on a research paper with my professors, then a further four months developing synth modules. But after all that, I took my first steps to exploring the world!

Travelling alone was an exhilarating experience. I didn't have a set itinerary, so I never knew what I'd be doing on a given date.

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I made these rad imitation post cards about some of the locations I visited. Click them to read an associated article!


I run a blog that I update sporadically. I write about my travels, my projects, and occasionally tutorials about things I have learned.

> You can read the full list of posts here.

Other Stuff

Here's a few things that didn't deserve their own section.

Misc. Projects

> bigtext.js

> textfill.js

...yes, both of those libraries are about resizing text. I have an interest, okay!