Connected Minds

My sister and I take almost the same photo, minutes apart.

Designed and Refined

Why I redesigned my homepage to better achieve its purpose.

The Pursuit of Speed

A look at how I increased the speed of my Jekyll site. OR: How I almost wrote a CSS Minifier.

Caption Contest

A brief guide to adding image captions to Jekyll blog posts.

Meeting Dr. Jekyll

A look at how I made the most of Jekyll in building my website.

Blog Hacking

On how a throwaway idea can lead to something beautiful.

Deep Thought

A look at how to get the most out of a simple concept.


The story of the timer-based Chronograf module.


The story of the development of Polygraf, which went through many iterations and required several new skills.

Bartos Flur

A look at the trials and tribulations of learning assembly, and the process of the development of my first Synthesiser Module, the Bartos Flur - from concept to release.