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'There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen.' - Lenin

Once More Unto Bangkok

My first visit to Bangkok was a very mixed bag. I was anxious to give it another go.

Kuala Lumpur: Kinda Lousy?

I didn't particularly enjoy my stay in Kuala Lumpur the first time around. So why did I go back there, and what do I think now?

I Hate Reading Big Text

A reflection on an old project and some of the side-effects it had.

Twenty Three And Me

It's that time again!

A Testament To Frugality, Stubbornness, and Perseverance

Goodnight, Sweet Prince.

A Tradition Broken

A reflection of spending Christmas abroad for the first time.

Let It Happen

The song that gives me wanderlust, the desire to make, and potent optimism about the future.

StreASM Retrospective

A look back at the 'stream processing language for the criminally insane'.


AKA: Don't let corporations brand you.

Finding Meaning

An attempt to identify the important things in the modern era.