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Starting Many Things

Running Without Music: Day One

Programmatically Merging SVG files

Staying Up Late

Writing Consistently

Everything is a compromise

The Best Times

Falling into place

Why are smartphones so locked down?

Some days, nothing works

Sell something you aren't passionate about

Google's Digital Garage

Are you meeting the wrong goals?

Add knob scales to your synth project

Bulk crop images

Adding equations to your webpage

Don't Ignore The Value

Checking PDF links

Investment vs Return


Clap for Key Workers


Domain Names

Jekyll Tags and Categories

Jekyll Author Pages

This Website

May 2020 Micro Posts

Introducing the new Micro posts for this website.

Keep It Short, Stupid

Ni the Nomad

You Can't Please Everybody

Make Failure Suck

Globalised World

Perfection Kills


Welcome To This Micro Blog