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Getting into your head

If you're focussing on somebody that upset you, they're winning!


With a little work, your twitter timeline doesn't have to be a cesspool. It can be a beautiful garden.

Crazy People

Mental illness isn't black and white.

Don't you like anything else?

I always get praise for the same few projects...

The Lens

What you think about influences how you think.


Disposable Media


Some regrets help you to make sense of the world. Others simply hinder us.

Creating a dynamic summary in Excel

A guide on how to create a summary sheet in Excel that dynamically pulls in data from other sheets.

The Problem With Publishing Daily

...is that incentivises writing in a shallow way.

Persistent Obligation

Sometimes I'm just not feeling it.

Apologising is an under-appreciated skill

Refusing to apologise is a huge character flaw that I'm constantly trying to grow out of.

Without Breakthroughs

Sometimes, you need a little bit of perspective to keep going.

Simulating Operational Amplifier Saturation

A look at how a digital system can model op amp saturation.

The Duality of Nostalgia and Dread for Ancient Software

How do you feel when you see a screenshot of Windows 95 or Mac OS 8?

That One Thing...

If only I had X, my life would be so much better.

Exercise is preventative

Exercise is a great thing to prevent certain kinds of mental and physical illness.

Terminal Updates

I improved my UNIX simulator toy website!

Small Increments

Halting and revisiting projects is a strategy that really works for me to keep the overall momentum going.

June 2020 Micro-Posts

Introducing the new Micro posts for this website.

You only have to be good enough

In a small organisation, you wear many hats. It's more important to have a diverse set of skills than to be a specialist.

Learning Indonesian

I've been learning Indonesian! Here's a few paragraphs I wrote.

Telling your story

It's important to tell your story as it happens, because it'll change if you don't.


Heatwaves are going to become more and more prevalent, and that's terrifying.

Getting Organised

A look at my new organisation system.


Self doubt can come from the smallest of things. It's important to not overestimate yourself.


A reminder to look at your coping strategies if you're struggling right now.

This Too Shall Pass

One of my favourite proverbs highlights that change is inevitable.

Taken for Granted

An inconsequential event caused me to think about some things that I take for granted.

The Other

Don't belittle and disregard those that disagree with you.

Stranger in a Strange Land

This immersive website puts you in a car in a foreign city. It's the closest thing to arriving in a new city without travelling.

Don't Waste Your Willpower

Maybe if we removed the temptations from our life, we'd find it easier to meet our goals.

Live Another Sol

My thoughts on The Martian.

Hacker News Front Page

I was featured on the front page of Hacker News for the first time!

A Guide to PIC Microcontroller Paging

A comprehensive guide to PIC Microcontroller Paging. What is it, and how can we work around it?

Doing Something That You Put Off

Finally doing something that you've been putting off can take a huge weight off of your shoulders.

Move all untracked git files to their own directory

A bash one-liner to move all untracked git files to their own directory.

Disturbed Productivity

In my experience, there are two emotional states that can disturb productivity more than any other.

Beat Your Best

One of the most satisfying things is beating your personal best.

Starting Many Things

Why I think that starting many things is one of the best things to do to become a unique and successful person.

Running Without Music: Day One

I'm going to be trying to run without music.

Programmatically Merging SVG files

An outline of a python script to help you merge two SVG files.

Staying Up Late

I always end up sleeping late. Why? Is there another way?

Writing Consistently

A look at the first month of my micro blogging project.

Everything is a compromise

If you tried to do everything that anyone asked for, nobody would be happy.

The Best Times

For me, the times when I struggled are the times that I look back on fondly.

Falling into place

Did you choose your current path, or did life choose it for you?

Why are smartphones so locked down?

Most technology is fairly reconfigurable. So why are smartphones so locked down?

Some days, nothing works

Some days, nothing works. It is those days that test the strength of your character.

Sell something you aren't passionate about

A thought about how to learn to sell.

Google's Digital Garage

My thoughts on the Google Garage Digital Marketing course.

Are you meeting the wrong goals?

Some of our desires and goals are actually harmful.

Add knob scales to your synth project

A pointer to an easy way to generate SVG knob scales.

Bulk crop images

A quick guide to bulk cropping images to the same dimensions.

Adding equations to your webpage

A quick guide to setting up MathJax on your webpage.

Don't Ignore The Value

Disagreeing with someone isn't grounds to disregard their knowledge.

Checking PDF links

A tutorial on how to bulk check links in a set of PDFs.

Investment vs Return

The projects that I spent the most time on were not the most valuable.

False Nostalgia

I often feel nostalgic for something I've never actually experienced.

Clap for Key Workers

My thoughts on the Clap for Key Workers movement.


Why I'm going to prefer to use my real name online from now on.

Domain Names

I bought a new domain name that I've been thinking about for years!

Jekyll Tags and Categories

A tutorial for how to add tags and categories metadata to your Jekyll posts.

Jekyll Author Pages

A tutorial for how to add author metadata to your Jekyll posts.

This Website

My website sucks, but I won't change it. Here's why.

May 2020 Micro Posts

Introducing the new Micro posts for this website.

Keep It Short, Stupid

A reminder to myself to not overthink these microposts.

Ni the Nomad

My girlfriend has been learning new skills and making her own website.

You Can't Please Everybody

Four specific coronavirus-related cases where you can't please everybody.

Make Failure Suck

A strategy to achieve things that you don't like to do.

Globalised World

Nine countries were involved to bring me my flip-flops.

Perfection Kills

Thoughts about a specific instance of perfectionism was getting in the way of the big picture.


Thoughts about how mood affects our output, and a reflection on an earlier attempt at microblogging.

Welcome To This Micro Blog

An introduction to my new micro blogging project.